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Flower Workshop in May 2024

This May you have an appointment with An Nhien for warm and friendly Flower Workshops. A place for those who don’t know how to arrange flowers or like arrange flowers simply.

Joining in a Flower Workshop is a great opportunity for you to explore your creativity, learn professional flower arranging techniques and relax after stressful working days.

This is a great opportunity for you to explore your creativity

In this Flower Workshop, you being guided and arranging your own flower vase and we will talk and share with each other about Pottery, Flowers, flower arrangement thinking,…

An Nhiên Pottery

The flower arrangement workshop is also an opportunity to debug and connect with people with similar interests. You can exchange ideas, learn from each other and build new relationships. This not only helps you expand your social network but also creates more joy in life.

After the workshop, you will bring home fresh flower creations made by yourself. These flower vases will beautify your living space, bringing a feeling of freshness and vitality.

Flower vases that you arrange yourself can become exquisite gifts for relatives and friends on special occasions. A homemade gift is always filled with love and care, and is sure to make the recipient feel special and appreciated.

Here is informations about An Nhien’s Workshop:

  • Time:
    • Every Saturday
    • Morning (9am-11am) & Afternoon (3pm-5pm)
  • Address: An Nhien’s Home – 320/5 Hoang Dieu, Da Nang
  • Cost: ̶3̶̶5̶̶0̶̶K̶/ticket –> 175k/ticket
    (Includes: flowers and vase as pictured to take home with 1 drink)

To ensure the quality of the Workshop, we only accept 15 people per session. 

For us, flower arranging workshop is a memorable experience. It’s not just about learning flower arranging techniques, it’s also about the time you take for yourself, relax and enjoy your creativity. These are precious moments that help you regenerate energy and feel balance in life. So we also want to share this with everyone. After a week of hard work, why don’t I take some time to relax my mind?

Beyond the technical skills, we offer something deeper – a connection to nature and a therapeutic escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. As you work with your hands, arranging petals and stems, you tap into a sense of mindfulness and appreciation for the beauty of the natural world.

Whether you’re attending a workshop solo, with friends, or as a team-building activity, the experience is always enriching. It’s an opportunity to unleash your creativity, gain new insights, and leave with not just a beautiful arrangement but also a renewed sense of inspiration. So, if you ever have the chance to join a flower workshop, don’t hesitate—let your creativity blossom!

To make a reservation, please send messege here:

About us:

As a ceramic store, Da Nang ceramics are familiar not only to people here but also to other provinces and cities across the country. Beautiful ceramic shop located in a small alley at address: 320/5 Hoang Dieu. Up to now, An Nhien has been operating for more than 6 years by dynamic and creative young people. Let’s see what’s at An Nhien’s Home ceramic store

An Nhien’s Home (Ceramic – Vases – Gifts, Souvenirs from Da Nang)
– Address: 320/5 Hoang Dieu, Da Nang.
– Open: 9am – 9pm daily
– Hotline: 0375741093
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