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An Nhien Ceramics Flower Workshop : A Creative and Therapeutic Activity

Participating in a flower arranging workshop is not only a creative activity but also an effective mental therapy. In this class, you will relax, develop your creativity, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Introduction to the Flower Arranging Workshop at An Nhien Ceramics

Flower arranging workshops are increasingly popular as a form of creative and relaxing experience. With our guidance, you will learn how to select and arrange flowers into beautiful bouquets. But before diving deeper into An Nhien’s Workshop, let’s explore the benefits and how to choose a suitable workshop.

Benefits of Joining a Flower Arranging Workshop

  1. Reduces stress and anxiety: Flower arranging requires intense focus, helping you temporarily forget the worries and stresses of life. Carefully selecting and arranging flowers helps you relax and calm down.
  2. Enhances concentration and mindfulness: When arranging flowers, you need to pay attention to every small detail, from colors and shapes to the balance of the bouquet. This enhances concentration and mindfulness, bringing you into a meditative and peaceful state. Meditation here refers to focusing on the task at hand in the present moment.
  3. Stimulates creativity: Flower arranging workshops stimulate your creativity. Creating beautiful bouquets in your own style helps you develop aesthetic sensibility and creative thinking. This creativity brings joy and excitement, enriching your life.
  4. Creates a sense of achievement with take-home Results: Completing a beautiful bouquet gives you a sense of achievement and pride. Every time you admire your creation, you will feel happy and more confident. Additionally, at An Nhien’s workshop, you will have a ceramic vase and flowers to take home.
  5. Social interaction and connection Flower arranging workshops are places where you can meet and connect with like-minded people. You will have the opportunity to exchange ideas, share experiences, and even make new friends. These enjoyable conversations and connections make your experience more memorable.

Contents of An Nhien’s Flower Arranging Workshop:

  1. Sharing the philosophy of flower arranging: We love simplicity. Therefore, in the first part of the workshop, we will share the simplicity we wish to bring to everyone during the session.
  2. Introduction to flowers and vases: Following the philosophy section, we will introduce various types of flowers, foliage, and flower arranging materials. You will understand the meaning of each type of flower, how to choose long-lasting flowers, and how to preserve flowers after arranging. The vases are ceramic pieces displayed in our store, and we will choose suitable ones for the workshop based on the flowers.
  3. Guidance on flower arranging: Since the class is for beginners, we will teach you the basic and simplest flower arranging techniques. You will learn how to coordinate colors, arrange flowers, and create focal points for your bouquet. Small tips like cutting flower stems, soaking flowers in water, and keeping flowers fresh will also be shared.
  4. Hands-On Flower Arranging: After the theoretical part, you will practice arranging flowers with our support. This is the most exciting part of the workshop, where you can unleash your creativity and express your personal style.
  5. Completion and Sharing: At the end of the workshop, you will have the opportunity to display your work and share it with other participants. This is the time to receive compliments, feedback, and enjoy the joy of your creativity.

We make small changes every week to ensure each workshop session is diverse and interesting while maintaining quality. Sometimes, we change the flowers based on the season for fresher and more beautiful arrangements. Other times, we change the vases, as each type of flower suits different vase styles.

An Nhiên Ceramics

Information about An Nhien’s Flower Arranging Workshop:

  1. Ticket Price:
    3̶̶5̶̶0̶̶K̶/ticket –> 175k/ticket (Includes: Ceramic vase and flowers to take home)
  2. Time:
    • Every Friday and Saturday
    • (9 AM – 11 AM) & (3 PM – 5 PM)
  3. Location: An Nhien’s Home: 320/5 Hoang Dieu, Da Nang
  4. Slots: 15 slots per session
    Please reserve in advance by messaging fanpage: An Nhien’s Home

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